How to Transfer

Bitcoin is built to give you headaches but learning how to navigate will increase your IQ.
Soooo you thought that Deploying and Minting BRC20s was fun?? Wait till you have to transfer them! Never fear, we wrote it for dummies so even you can understand.

How to transfer your balance, for dummies!

  • First up, paste the wallet that holds the mint or purchased inscription of your BRC20 tokens here, this will show the balance that is assigned to your wallet
  • To move or list the tokens, you will need to inscribe a 'Transfer, doing so will make your Balance into a transferrable balance
  • This bit is pretty important, you will need to copy this string of code and edit the fields to the tokens you want to transfer and how many: { "p": "brc-20", "op": "transfer", "tick": "$ZSY", "amt": "69" }
  • Ensure that the ticker is correct to your balance and the amount doesnt exceed your balance in the wallet you intend to transfer from!
  • Next, you paste this string of code into the 'text' section of
  • Double check the string is correct and click next
  • Paste the receive wallet that you intend to trransfer the balance from, this MUST be the wallet that holds the balance which you previously searched in
  • Select the fee, you can select 'Normal' but for a faster transaction add 25% ontop of the Normal fee in the custom section.
  • Once the transaction confirms and the Transfer ordinal reaches your wallet, your balance will update to being 'transferable'
  • You can now send this Transfer Ordinal to any other taproot wallet or list on a marketplace.
Well done!! You have just Deployed, Minted and Transfered your first BRC20 tokens!! Wasn't that hard was it?
Well guess what? The Transfer Ordinal can only be used to transfer the balance once, once the Transfer Ordinal hits a new wallet, you will have to repeat the above process to transfer the balance again!!
That's all for now, will be updating this Gitbook document with more soon including: 1/1 supply BRC20s, unisat code Tickers and other random BRC20 shit!
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